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Case Study : Higher Education : Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Gwinnett College, Allied Health & Sciences Building

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Several years ago when the demand for more educational opportunities in the sciences became apparent, Georgia Gwinnett College submitted a proposal to expand its on-campus footprint to provide a unique, innovative laboratory experience to a growing student population. Their proposal was based on a growth assumption of 12,000 students by the year 2014, which translated into an approved building size of 87,000 SF.

Shortly after the proposal was granted, student enrollment projections were revised up to 15,000 – a 25% increase! This meant the need for even more GSF to teach 3,000 more students, yet the $30.2 million budget could not increase.

BDR Solution

BDR guided the project team though each phase and challenged them to aggressively design the most efficient floor plan for a building of this type. Leveraging lean construction techniques and a strong background in healthcare and science facilities, costs were managed in real-time and alternatives were constantly vetted to seek maximum value resulting in nearly $3 million in savings over the course of the design phase. More importantly, BDR was able to expand the footprint without expanding the budget or schedule.

“Entering the construction phase under BDR’s leadership the project team has identified almost two million dollars in savings which has enabled us to add 5% of additional program to the building while remaining in budget and in compliance with GGC’s strict design standards.”

- Eddie Beauchamp
Vice President of Facilities & Operations
Georgia Gwinnett College



Constructed adjacent to a newly occupied, single-story laboratory building and connected by conditioned corridors, the Georgia Gwinnett College Allied Health and Science Building was completed in the summer of 2014. The 3-story facility now totals115,000 SF and contains teaching labs for biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, anatomy and physiology, I.T. systems, computational sciences, digital media, and exercise science. The facility also houses a Nursing Simulation Learning Center with 14 patient bed simulations, a patient care/clinical practice lab, faculty offices, two Dean suites, and various student study rooms.

BDR’s oversight throughout the design process provided Georgia Gwinnett College with approximately 5% of additional square footage, of which almost half is for lab space. BDR attained a net assignable program space/gross program area ratio of 0.64 that yielded nearly $1 million in savings, which was applied to purchase additional lab equipment.

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