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Georgia Southern University, Football Operations Center

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When Georgia Southern University formally announced its intentions to move to the Sunbelt Conference in March of 2013, Paulson Football Stadium had to expand to meet FBS standards by adding 6,300 additional seats and constructing a 57,000 SF Football Operations Center at the eastern end of the stadium. Supported by a $12 million fixed budget, it was imperative that the stadium expansion and Football Operation Center be completed in time for the Fall 2014 football season.

The easy part was adding the additional seats. The complex part was building the Football Operations Center as it was to house its Hall of Fame, coaches offices, meeting rooms, video rooms, locker room, training center, and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning center. During the project, it became very clear that the Football Operations Center was facing significant project challenges due to design and construction issues, which led to deteriorating project team dynamics, grave schedule concerns, and project cost overruns. That’s when Georgia Southern contacted BDR to help guide the project through to a successful completion.

BDR Solution

BDR identified the objectives necessary to get the football facility ready for opening day. Reviewing all historical data and timeline/budget realities, BDR developed a streamlined decision-making and approval process to get the project back on track. BDR also reviewed and dismissed ongoing contractor claims for time extensions. Change orders were vetted and negotiated to ensure the value was appropriate. Status reports and daily communications were instituted to keep team members and contractors on task, thus improving project team dynamics. More importantly, the project was back on track.

“BDR came on board and with their thorough help, unanswered questions were quickly answered, serious construction issues that were holding up the project were mediated and a plan for bringing the project back on schedule was put into action.”

- David L. Faircloth
Director of Planning, Design & Construction
Georgia Southern University



  • All stadium renovations were completed in time for the inaugural Sunbelt Conference football season
  • Project costs were controlled and kept in check
  • The Georgia Southern project manager is now fully trained and confidently stands ready to take on another complex project.
  • Most importantly, the Georgia Southern Eagles were undefeated at home in 2014!

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