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Emory eICU – Accelerating Patient Care in the 21st Century

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To meet the challenge of integrating advancements in clinical teaching with modern patient care, Emory is developing and installing highly evolved Critical Care Units and Emergency Departments across multiple campuses.  When fully operational, these departments become Centers for Learning and Advancement in Teaching Methods and Care Models with regards to both patient and family centered care – a core commitment Emory University Hospital delivers everyday.

BDR Solution

eICUs are a new offering to critical care.  Working directly with Emory’s design teams and healthcare professionals, BDR helped develop and install a new, more efficient model that delivers more ICU services to more patients more effectively.  For two years, BDR consulted with multiple technology and healthcare professionals as well as AV and electrical teams to deliver a theater-based briefing room that provides all patient information through one view.  This allows for a better, integrated understanding of the patient’s trends before emergency situations occur, pre-empts complications, and speeds cure rates.  


Supporting 14 patient rooms, each eICU unit features a technologically advanced briefing room for teaching, rounding, and collaborating across clinical disciplines to provide proactive care.  Cameras, microphones and computers are installed in each room allowing caregivers from various locations and specialties to review, collaborate, predict and treat a patient’s needs.  

“The BDR Team delivered value at every occasion and as a result, we were able to make fully informed decisions in the best interest of our business.”

- John T. Fox
President & CEO
Emory Healthcare


Five Critical Care Units and two Emergency Departments have now been installed across multiple campuses without disrupting the outstanding healthcare patients expect and leveraging a phased approach within occupied spaces. Now, caregiver teams round through each patient with equal views and understanding while providing privacy from crowded corridors.  This allows for a more effective treatment plan as well as a quieter and calmer setting for the patients and their families.

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