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Piedmont Fayette NICU – Real-Time Responses to Expedite Schedule & Clarify Communications

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The expansion of the Level Three Neonatal Intensive Unit at Piedmont Fayette Hospital required the temporary relocation of current NICU patients to beds in another wing of the hospital, reducing the number of available patient beds during construction. With high census demands and the winter season approaching, it was critical that the renovation and expansion of the NICU must occur on a compressed, 60 calendar-day schedule while maintaining program and construction quality of the renovated space.

BDR Solution

To expedite solutions and avoid Owner surprises, weekly jobsite meetings were conducted on site. BDR and the project team communicated hot topics at the beginning of the meeting, and these topics were then addressed while NICU Directors & Staff walked the space with the internal project team. Real-time answers were provided in the field and the contractor and architect followed up with RFI responses to document the conclusions. Because the NICU staff had a strong familiarity of the space during construction, they were able to visualize casework, locate outlets, and place medical equipment so minor changes could be made at critical times in the schedule saving Owner time and money.

“BDR was conscientious to ensure that the guiding principle of expediting the schedule while managing program cost was maintained throughout the project’s process. As a result, the project team completed the project within the 60 day construction period without construction cost overruns.”

- Tracey Coker
Former Vice President, Clinical & Support Services
Piedmont Fayette Hospital


The project was delivered within the 60 calendar-day construction period. Piedmont Fayette Hospital successfully expanded their NICU unit prior to flu season, improved the operations of the new NICU, and returned all patient beds minimal disruption and no loss of service to the community.

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