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Woodward Academy, Willingham Fields

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Project savings on Woodward Academy’s Master Capital enabled the school to add the Willingham Fields project, a new athletic training facility for the Upper School, to its program initiatives. The project site for the new fields is located three blocks east of the main campus. An ideal location for the Upper School, as it can be accessed by students and staff via a new sidewalk along the mainly residential streets. However, in order to begin construction the site required hazardous material abatement and demolition of an existing 110,000 SF warehouse building and an apartment complex consisting of five buildings.

The site was bisected by a public roadway known as East Vesta Avenue. BDR proposed that removal of this roadway would allow the recreation fields to be contiguous and remove any concerns for pedestrian/vehicular conflicts.

BDR Solution

BDR worked closely with Woodward Academy, the City of College Park Public Works and City Council to gain approval for the closure and removal of the roadway. Traffic studies were conducted proving the negative affects to public traffic and pedestrian routes were negligible.


BDR oversaw the demolition, design and construction of the practice fields, successfully delivering the upper school training facility, which consists of a rubberized running track, practice fields events, practice soccer fields, recreation fields, a cross county trail around the perimeter of the property, parking, lighting and restroom/maintenance facilities.

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