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Atlanta Girls School, Campus Master Plan

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Atlanta Girls’ School (AGS) opened its doors in 2000 and has continually expanded its offerings, operating today as a 260-student campus. As the only independent, nonsectarian, college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12 in Georgia, AGS has a unique, family-oriented, culture that translated into distinctive facility planning needs, including updating and expanding facilities to accommodate future growth.

BDR Solution

The BDR planning process always begins with listening. Understanding the mission and vision of the executive leadership team was a very critical first step for this project. BDR facilitated brainstorming sessions with several key stakeholders including staff, parents, and students, as well as decision-makers, such as the executive staff and Board of Directors.

After compiling the feedback, the BDR team partnered with industry consultants, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and building envelope experts to assess the existing buildings and overall campus. Key to implementing these much-needed improvements was an understanding of the strong, unique culture at AGS. Everyone appreciated the uniqueness of the school, and it was imperative to honor the cherished culture throughout the process of improvements.

Using precise management, the BDR planning team looked at the long-term plans such as new building additions for additional science labs, offices, and expanded dining, and developed ways to implement them over time. Working in collaboration with Atlanta Girls’ School, BDR was able to successfully present a 20-year strategic campus master plan with interim phases tied directly with growth projections, staffing requirements, and annual cash flow allowances that met the needs of all stakeholders and executive staff today and into the future. Each phase was designed to minimize rework, keep the budget in line, and ensure all facility plans linked together. This approach maximized facility ROI overall by implementing improvements one-by-one in a minimal approach that saves considerable time and money.


Through thoughtful collaborative engagement with stakeholders, BDR was able to thoroughly understand the unique needs of AGS in terms of their campus planning. BDR was able to offer plans to modernize and update the campus, without losing touch of the AGS culture. To bring these plans to life, BDR is currently managing the construction of the first phase of the master plan to be completed by fall of 2018. Not only did BDR come up with the plans to turn AGS in a fully functional campus, BDR sticks with the owner to manage these projects and deliver tangible results.

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