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As Michigan’s largest health care system (based on inpatient admissions and net patient revenue), Beaumont’s mission is to provide patients with extraordinary care no matter where they live in Southeast Michigan. In support of this goal, the system had acquired real estate holdings in four different suburban markets in the Detroit metropolitan area. Striving to meet patient demand for services by providing better and more convenient patient care, Beaumont set out to analyze the future possibilities presented by these land parcels.

John Fox, CEO of Beaumont Health recalled working with BDR on multiple capital projects in the past during his time at Emory where he was CEO until 2015. Recognizing the need for an outside developer‘s perspective, Fox engaged BDR to begin a plan for strategic analysis.

BDR Solution

Combining their knowledge of real estate development within the healthcare sector with unique marketplace data provided by Experience Discovery Group, BDR developed and analyzed demographics, psychographics, and market demand for healthcare services associated with each region where the parcels were located. The team set out to validate Beaumont’s anticipated demands for healthcare services against the actual needs of the surrounding communities by analyzing Nielsen demographic data. Adding to the comprehensive study, BDR assessed the parcels’ accessibility, location, and proximity to existing target markets. In a six-month process, the BDR team carefully evaluated the potential for each parcel to support Beaumont’s long-term goals.


In the end, BDR prepared a detailed review of the parcels and the demographic needs of the target area with recommendations to the healthcare system’s leadership for either the development or dispersant of individual parcels. For parcels well-suited for development, BDR provided scenario testing options and outlined the next steps that Beaumont would need to bring their strategic visions to life.

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