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The Gateway Center @ College Park

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As part of the effort to revitalize The City of College Park, leaders in the City began evaluating options to create a family entertainment attraction that would boost the local economy and generate improvements to Atlanta’s Southside. With those goals in mind, The Gateway Center @ College Park was designed to accommodate families and attract state-wide tourism through quality entertainment, such as Hawks G-League basketball games, concerts, athletic competitions, convocations and more.

The public expressed keen interest in this project from the outset. The community clearly desired that local funds be spent toward community-strengthening efforts and wanted assurance that an entertainment arena would meet their needs. A long-standing partner of the City, BDR was chosen to help shepherd the team and meet the goals set forth for the project.

BDR Solution

From the onset, BDR has recognized the public’s desires and has been working tirelessly to ensure The Gateway Center @ College Park stands as a uniquely excellent project, strengthening and benefiting the community in a number of ways. By establishing strong communication channels with both local leaders and the general public, BDR has been careful to incorporate community needs into the overall design and function of the center.

This 3,500-seat facility is designed to preserve a sense of intimacy and immersion that is often lost in larger arenas. The impressive, state-of-the-art technology assures a positive fan experience through everything from robust Wi-Fi to vivid screens and robust audio-visual capabilities. Concessions are focused on local culinary talent, rather than national brands, as a way to deepen interest and connection in the community.

Fan experience is paramount in this project. As such, the facility is designed for total immersion as the crowd and monitors never lose sight of the action. With the concourse on one level and three rows of floor seating, The Gateway Center enhances the fan experience and maximizes the venue’s overall value. The center’s location near the airport also demanded special attention and an emphasis on acoustics. With planes going overhead every minute, BDR is working in collaboration with the team to ensure a uniform level of insulation and detail is present throughout the facility.

Going above and beyond, BDR is also coordinating with city engineers and GDOT to maintain momentum and move dirt to places that help both the City and minimize the cost impact on the project.


This project is a particularly groundbreaking effort for College Park and is expected to be the catalyst for substantial community-focused development in the Southside. This family-friendly destination exhibits an urban, youthful feel that promotes a positive and welcomed expression of Atlanta, and BDR will walk alongside the City to maximize the return on investment and ensure that the final result meets their needs.

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