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David Benson

Generating New Possibilities

| October 4th, 2017 Twitter LinkedIn
From CAD to BIM to VR, technology in architecture is now commonplace. Everywhere it has been adopted, increased precision...
Brad Higdon

The Company You Keep

| May 24th, 2017 Twitter LinkedIn
What separates great communities from good?  I believe it’s the same thing that separates great businesses from good.  Culture....
Hector Morales

The Advantages of Wood Framing Utilization on Student Housing Projects

| May 18th, 2017 Twitter LinkedIn
When planning your next student housing project, one of the earliest decisions you must make is whether or not...
Emily Gossett

Enhancing Capital Facility Improvement Outcomes

| May 18th, 2016 Twitter LinkedIn
We’ve all heard the old adage “Sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees”, however...
Brad Higdon

Healthcare in Reform… Managing Risks

| March 14th, 2016 Twitter LinkedIn
“We believe facilities exist to support your business, which is why business operations and ROI must be built into...
Alison Gordon

Guiding Principles for Relocation Management

| February 16th, 2016 Twitter LinkedIn
A successful project relocation plan is essential to achieve a seamless transition with minimal disruptions to day-to-day business operations....
Jesse Frasier

What is “Good Design”?

| December 7th, 2015 Twitter LinkedIn
The following question I have been asked frequently is: “What is good design?”, my response has always been a...

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