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Kevin Richardson

Atlanta Launches Power to Change Initiative

| August 21st, 2015 Twitter LinkedIn
New Energy Requirement for Private Commercial and City Owned Buildings in the City of Atlanta The City of Atlanta passed...
Brint Smith

Utilizing Virtual Mock-up Technology to Maximize Project Value

| August 11th, 2015 Twitter LinkedIn
Technological advancements have progressed significantly over the past decade, previously an architect created 2D drawings and sketches to express...
Gayle Sanders

Where did the Money Go? – 9 Guidelines for Owner Construction Cost Management Control

| July 14th, 2015 Twitter LinkedIn
Company stakeholders have heated discussions early in a project about scope, schedule and cost, but how often are those...
Katie Leonard

Protecting Owners During Construction Labor Shortages

| May 28th, 2015 Twitter LinkedIn
The cranes are back. For those of us in commercial construction, it’s a long overdue vision of growth and...
Brad Higdon

Growth requires Flexibility

| December 2nd, 2014 Twitter LinkedIn
The speed our healthcare sector has grown in terms of patients, patient needs, protocols, paperwork, and politics has put...
Hector Morales

Program Wants vs. Budget Realities

| December 1st, 2014 Twitter LinkedIn
In the Business section of last week’s New York Times, an article discussed the rise of government spending on...
Webb Embry

Driving Down the Cost of Health

| November 5th, 2014 Twitter LinkedIn
This is a mantra across any business sector, but one that seems to hit our industry more than any...

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