Operational efficiency, structural flexibility, technology integration, flow management. Unless all is optimized from the beginning, full potential cannot be realized. This is where real success and profitability is determined. At BDR, we specialize in planning and delivering profitable, sustainable and flexible structures in the healthcare and education sectors.


Strategic Facility Planning

“Partnering with BDR, it just made sense! From a senior leadership perspective, I found BDR’s business approach a welcomed solution to higher education. They provided an extraordinary balance of managing the project & strategic communication to the leadership team.”

– Paul Jones, Ph.D.
Former Interim President
Fort Valley State University


Program Management

“The BDR Team delivered value at every occasion and as a result, we were able to make fully informed decisions in the best interest of our business.”

– John T. Fox
Former President & CEO
Emory Healthcare

Large projects can often mask little problems that, if left unfixed, will cascade into an avalanche of expensive change orders. Our experience, expertise, and client-side perspective makes sure little problems never become big nightmares and why driving facility ROI is more than simple project management. See how we’ve been able to transform large vision into big rewards.

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