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A Unique Approach to Design Assist

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

At the annual COAA fall workshop held on October 1st, attendees were given an in depth case study presentation on the unique approach to design assist implemented on the Emory University Hospital expansion project. The panel was led by the Project Director, Anna Forgey and was supported by the project team, consisting of David Pugh, Mark Allnutt, Tom Shelton, David Vepraskas and David Starks, who were able to deliver an insightful, well-rounded perspective of the approach. A redefined design assist approach was essential to project success with the need to deliver the Owner an on-time, state-of-the-art facility that maximized cost-savings and value with the continuous market condition challenges.

Therefore, the project team implemented a redefined transparent and collaborative approach that altered the mindset of the team, in order to completely integrate and align to a clearly defined project timeline. Early establishment of project goals and expectations enabled the team to have the ability to control flexibility and ensure real-time market pricing, while maintaining the project schedule.

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