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Eight Truths on Health Reform

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Last Spring, BDR attended Becker’s Annual Hospital Review Meeting in Chicago. It was our first time attending and be assured it will be the first of many — great firms, smart people, engaged conversation. We’ll definitely be there again.

Chuck Lauer – former publisher of Modern Health (for over 25 years) – was one of the speakers. He is a very engaging, passionate and expert speaker on the topic of healthcare, the state of our industry, and he proffers many insights into the future. I had the opportunity to speak with Chuck at the conference regarding BDR’s services with healthcare facility development. Following the event, I came across an article he recently wrote, It’s entitled ‘Eight Truths on Health Reform” (

The article touches on many of the mega topics hitting healthcare today – from the Affordable Care Act to integrated models to medical errors to patient satisfaction.

This article reminded me, yet again, of what we all already know – that our industry is going through a tumultuous time. In 10 years, healthcare will be delivered, managed and supported quite differently than it is today. And today’s healthcare industry is far different than it was 10 years ago. Add in issues like Ebola, elections, and immigration reform and the stress we put on the industry remains very high.

Yet the industry must power through all this because the demand for quality healthcare will always be high. Medical excellence is highly dependent on the infrastructure that supports it — and facilities are a key part of that equation.

This is one of the reasons I love our sector. There is so much riding on what we all contribute, which makes for optimism and excitement every day.

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