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SMPS Healthcare Symposium

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

On June 16th, BDR team member, John Barnes joined keynote speaker George C. Smith, Senior Architectural Project Manager for Grady Memorial Hospital, on a panel of healthcare facility and construction representatives, in a discussion on the future state of the healthcare environment. The SMPS symposium addressed the need for healthcare systems and hospitals to reinvent themselves, in order to attract new patients and improve patient care as the number of insured patients continues to rise with healthcare reform. In addition, the panel discussed the long-term facility investments and changes hospital executives are planning to increase patient satisfaction, as providing quality, affordable healthcare continues to rise. However, hospital executives remain optimistic as recent projections support the anticipated growth and revenue, as healthcare systems continue to develop strategic plans for future facility investments, which include strategic programming, new specialized centers, infrastructure upgrades, patient room renovations and equipment upgrades to existing facilities.

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